Pending Home Sales Surge to 18-Month High

Spring is almost here . . . Yaaaaay!  Time to get your home ready to sell!

Contact us to provide you with a no-obligation walk-thru of your home prior to putting it on the market.  We can provide you with lots of good advice on what to clean, remove, paint, and/or repair.  To get top dollar for your house it should look as good as it can!

Read more about how homes are selling -- Pending Home Sales Surge to 18-Month High -  A rise in buyer demand pushed pending home sales upward in January to the highest level since August 2013.

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A Startling Home Pricing Statistic

I am a fan of statistics.  The numbers tend to take the questions out of problems and lead me towards a correct and high probability of success.  There are a lot of statistics in real estate.  Many of which are useful.  Items such as average days on the market, list price/sales price ratio, how many months of inventory there are at any given time and price per square foot can tell us and the public how much a home should be listed for, how long it will be on the market and what it should sell for.

I was recently asked by a home seller who had their home listed “Why didn’t my home sell”?  I decided to look at the withdrawn and expired listed properties for the last 12 months in their market.  What I found was startling. 

3 Stories From a REALTOR®

These stories are all true – Just the names have been changed, to protect the innocent……

#1 - The Basement:  I was showing this home that was vacant and had no electric.  It was during a sunny day.  We were going through the first floor and I opened the basement door.  All I could see was a large number of small red reflections from the ambient light on the first floor.  Not sure what I was looking at, I asked my clients not to go down to the basement and I went back to my car and retrieved my flashlight (good Real Estate Agents are always prepared, or so I tell myself). 

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