Fight the Darkness With These Lighting Tricks

No matter how great it is otherwise, a room with poor lighting can never reach its full potential. Ask yourself, do you need to move a lamp over to your seat if you want to read? This is a sure sign that your space needs a lighting renovation! In addition to being more convenient, a well lit room will make colors pop, raise your mood, and make cleaning much easier. If you'd like to strike back against the darkness, keep reading to learn about simple lighting tricks that can quickly brighten any room!

Princeton Rated Second-Best Small City!

Although the focus in recent years has been on the migration of young people to large urban centers, smaller cities can have several important advantages over their bigger brethren. Greater affordability, shorter commute times, and increased safety are just a few of the factors that make small town life so sweet. With this in mind, WalletHub set out to quantify what makes a small city a great place to live. They examined 30 different aspects of over 1,200 small cities in order to arrive at a definitive ranking. When the dust settled, Princeton had claimed its spot as the second-best small city in the nation!

Craft with Nature on November 5

Looking to up your craft game this holiday season? The Arts Council of Princeton wants to help! On Saturday, November 5, you can do some hands-on learning about botany while collecting your own crafting supplies straight from nature with their "Harvest for the Holidays" event. 

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