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Catch a Show in August

This August, why not take a break from the stresses of life and enjoy a show? Whether you prefer music, movies, or a play, we have all tastes covered! Keep reading to see how you can turn Saturdays into concert night, prepare a dinner forecast, or become a fool over love.

Four Fun Activities at The Watershed Center

A common theme in today's world is a desire to reconnect with nature. Some people take this to the extreme by hiking mountain ranges, while others are satisfied with a simple trip to the local park. If you've been looking for something to scratch that nature itch, look no further than The Watershed Center in Pennington! The Watershed Center represents an important piece in the overall effort to conserve the area's ecological health and beauty for future generations. Keep reading to learn about four fun activities happening before the end of July at the center!

Rain Barrel Workshop July 16

Looking for something both fun and rewarding to do in July? How about reducing stormwater run-off by building your very own rain barrel? The East Amwell Environmental Commission and the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association are here to help! Register now to attend this great event on Saturday, July 16, in East Amwell Township!

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