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Can a Listing Agreement be Cancelled?

As a Real Estate professional, I get asked about this a lot.  It generally is as a result of a property not selling as quickly as the owner would like.   My response is that before you consider if you can cancel your listing agreement, you should first ask if you should take that action. Let me address that topic in a minute…..

Is the seller of a home able to cancel the listing agreement?  Most listing agreements, the agreement you (the home seller) sign between you and the Broker of Record for the agency you have hired, have a specific term that can be any length but is generally  3 – 12 months in duration. 

Do Realtors Add Value?

This seems to be an age old question.  Do Real Estate Agents really earn their commission?  Let’s look at what I think is most important to the home seller and how Realtors® add value.

1.  There is an abundance of information online to obtain a realistic price for your home.  We have current information such as how many homes are competing with yours at this moment in time, what is the overall condition of homes you’re competing with and other facts you may not have such as square footage of those homes, are they distress sales, foreclosures, etc.  We know how to use this data and where to get reliable data.   

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