Advice for Buyers

3 Stories From a REALTOR®

These stories are all true – Just the names have been changed, to protect the innocent……

#1 - The Basement:  I was showing this home that was vacant and had no electric.  It was during a sunny day.  We were going through the first floor and I opened the basement door.  All I could see was a large number of small red reflections from the ambient light on the first floor.  Not sure what I was looking at, I asked my clients not to go down to the basement and I went back to my car and retrieved my flashlight (good Real Estate Agents are always prepared, or so I tell myself). 

Buying a Condominium or a Townhouse, What’s The Difference?

The main difference between condominium and townhouse is ownership and not style.  Condominium ownership is basically from the drywall or paint on the walls in.  Townhouse ownership includes typically exterior walls, roof and a parcel of land.  When investigating tax records, land ownership for condominium will typically have”common” and “townhouse” will have a lot stated, such as 20 x 80.

Does this matter from a home buyers perspective?  Yes it does.  Potential homebuyers should ask several questions before buying.

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