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How Buying a Home Affects Your Credit Score

If you've never thought about your credit score in the past, then start now. This one number doesn't just strongly influence credit cards and loans; it also determines whether or not you will be forced to pay things like utility deposits and insurance coverage. Although some home shoppers might not know it, the home purchasing process will often cause serious fluctuations in their score in both the short and long term. Keep reading to learn about the changes you should expect to see as you go through the steps of applying for a mortgage, purchasing a home, and making payments.

Home Buyers - How to Get The Best Deal?

Just read the summary of a Chase Bank survey of home buyers that revealed that buyers have a lot of anxiety about purchasing a home.  A buyer who is working with a good Realtor® will experience much less stress, because the Realtor® will keep them educated and informed throughout the process and make them feel comfortable that they are getting the best guidance from someone who really knows.

What is the value of a good, experienced Realtor® to a home buyer?  

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