Free Events for the End of January

Looking for something to do locally but running low on cash? Nothing is cheaper than free! In this post, we'll highlight a few fun events happening in the Princeton area before the end of the month. Best of all, each event features the magic words "Free Admission"!

Princeton Schools Best in NJ, Fifth Nationally

Princeton is known as a bastion of education thanks to its world-famous university, but does that tradition of excellence also pervade the public school district itself? According to's 2016 ranking of the best school districts in the country, the answer is a resounding "YES!" Princeton Public Schools found itself taking the top spot among all districts in New Jersey, and was rated fifth-best in the entire nation! Keep up the good work!

Holiday Trolley Tours

Looking for a great way to spend your day in Princeton? How about an amazing tour of the area's many historic homes and attractions? The Princeton Tour Company has you covered! See the homes and hangouts of Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Madison, Aaron Burr Jr., and John F. Kennedy, to name a few! For just $15, you can reserve your seat on this hour-long event on either Saturday, December 19 or Saturday, December 26. Times are available throughout the day, but be sure to act fast before they're all filled!

Grab your ticket at the Princeton Tour Company's website today!

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