3 Stories From a REALTOR®

These stories are all true – Just the names have been changed, to protect the innocent……

#1 - The Basement:  I was showing this home that was vacant and had no electric.  It was during a sunny day.  We were going through the first floor and I opened the basement door.  All I could see was a large number of small red reflections from the ambient light on the first floor.  Not sure what I was looking at, I asked my clients not to go down to the basement and I went back to my car and retrieved my flashlight (good Real Estate Agents are always prepared, or so I tell myself). 

I went back into the home and turned on the flashlight and opened the basement door.  We all stood wide eyed looking at a large number of rats quickly scampering away.  I am pretty sure we scared the rats as much as they did us.  Needless to say we all left in a bit of a hurry and my clients were not interested in buying the home.  Even at a great price, sometimes there are things you just can’t get past. 

#2 - The Bedroom:  I was again showing a home during the daytime.  My clients and I were outside looking at the lot.  The owner was also outside and I asked him if we could go in and view the home.  He said “sure, go on in and look around”.  I have learned the hard way that although we (the male gender) mean well, sometimes we just don’t think.  Anyway, we all go through the first floor and head upstairs to the bedrooms.  So far all is going well. 

I open the master bedroom door and in the middle of the room is the owner’s wife - completely naked.  She screams, I scream, and again we all high tail it out of the house.  Once outside as we are all heading for our cars, I mention to the owner that we didn’t quite get to view the whole home and he might want to go in and talk to his wife.  I don’t think he had an enjoyable weekend.  Needless to say, my clients didn’t buy that house either.

#3 - The Bathroom:  OK, I know you won’t believe this story but it is true.  My REALTOR® friend (let’s call her Betty) was showing this home.  Betty was going through the home with her clients and the bathroom door was closed.  Betty asked the wife if it was OK to enter.  The wife said just one minute.  She went into the bath; there was a lot of commotion and whispering.  The wife came out and said it was fine to go in now. 

Betty turned the corner to enter the bath and there sat the husband on the commode with the shower curtain draped around him.  This might have been bad enough but Betty said we will come back and the husband’s response was “oh no, its ok come on in and look around”.  I do think modesty and humility are all relative or the couple really needed to sell their home.  Either way it is an image that stays with you.

What’s the motto: if you’re selling your home get an exterminator, put some clothes on and leave the bathroom before letting REALTORS in.

Happy home selling!

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