Enrich Your Artistic Side This January

Have you already abandoned your New Year's resolution? Consider this: a great goal doesn't have to be hard or specific. Why not simply resolve to improve yourself in some way this year? If you aren't sure how, then don't worry; we've got you covered. The Arts Council of Princeton has great opportunities coming up in January that will allow you to culturally enrich yourself though two different media: watercolor painting and drums!

First up is the Holistic Watercolor Workshop, which is being held on Saturday, January 14 from 1-4 p.m. at the Paul Robeson Center for the Arts. This class promises to provide a fun and supportive atmosphere in which attendees can learn the intricacies of watercolor painting. The best part? You'll be able to take your creations home with you as reminders of your new skill! The instructor for the workshop will be Debra Lampert-Rudman, a member of the New Jersey Watercolor Society. Materials will be available for purchase on-site. Follow the link above to learn more and purchase your spot in the workshop.

The second informative workshop is titled "I Speak Drum: Hand Drumming" and is being held on Saturday, January 28 at 2 p.m. This hour and a half long class may be shorter than the watercolor workshop, but offers every bit as much knowledge! Students will explore principals of rhythm awareness through body rhythm, call and response, drum communication, and drum language. The instructor, Richard Robinson, has drawn inspiration from both traditional and contemporary rhythms from around the world, including the Caribbean, South America, and Africa. Feel free to bring your own drums. Don't have any? Drums are available for a $10 rental fee paid directly to the instructor.

There you have it, two great ways to get in touch with your artistic side in just the first month of the new year! Think of what the other 11 months might have to offer!

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