A Fence that Grows with You

​If your backyard is open or borders a neighbor's property, installing a fence has probably crossed your mind at one point or another. After all, everyone wants their privacy. Even if your backyard isn't in easy view, perhaps you want to block noise from a nearby street or simply like the look of an enclosed space? Whatever your reason, a living, green fence represents an excellent solution to these issues without suffering from many of the drawbacks of traditional fencing!

Green fences are made up of regularly spaced trees, bushes, or smaller plants that form what is essentially a living wall of vegetation! While you may be hesitant to invest in such extensive landscaping, keep in mind that, after establishing themselves for the first year, green fences require very little maintenance as long as they can survive in your climate. Compare this to a wooden fence, which needs to be repainted or stained every few years and eventually replaced, and the ease of a green fence becomes obvious!

Other factors can also make green fences especially appealing; for instance, many areas have height restrictions on fencing. These rules generally don't apply to a green fence, as it would essentially be a limit on how high trees can grow! In addition, green fences can be easily altered by trimming the plants into whichever style you prefer.

If you would like year-round privacy, your green fence can consist of mostly evergreens. Alternatively, if you'd like more light in the winter (when you likely won't be spending much time in the yard anyway), deciduous plants will shed their leaves when it gets cold out and then conveniently grow them back just in time for you to enjoy the warmth of summer!

If you absolutely need the security and impenetrability of a traditional fence (say for small children or the family dog), consider installing a traditional iron fence and then hiding it within shrubs or bushes. In this way, you can maintain the security of your yard while enjoying the natural feel of being surrounded by green!

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