Home Buyers - How to Get The Best Deal?

Just read the summary of a Chase Bank survey of home buyers that revealed that buyers have a lot of anxiety about purchasing a home.  A buyer who is working with a good Realtor® will experience much less stress, because the Realtor® will keep them educated and informed throughout the process and make them feel comfortable that they are getting the best guidance from someone who really knows.

What is the value of a good, experienced Realtor® to a home buyer?  

A good Realtor® will ensure you are getting the best deal/terms/price . . . that is their job.  A good Realtor® also will help you avoid potential pitfalls when buying either from an owner-occupant, or when buying bank foreclosures.  Processes and psychology are vastly different, depending on who the seller is, and it is important to work with a Realtor® who knows how to negotiate in your best interest.

The bottom line is that a good Realtor® can and will help save you money.  

They perform many behind-the-scenes tasks to make the deal work, especially where out of area buyers are concerned.  They earn their commissions by saving you money, time, and the expense of potential pitfalls in the property or in the negotiation process.

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