I am a REALTOR® and I Need Your Help

Let’s pretend I am your Realtor® and I am representing you in the sale of your home.  My prime directive is to get you the highest possible price at the best terms. 

My job description includes marketing your home with the best possible sources.  I will work to negotiate the best results on pricing, terms and inspection requests.  I am also charged with managing the process from before your home goes on the market to the closing.  I will have successfully completed my job if I have met and hopefully exceeded your expectations.

This is where I need your help.  I don’t complete my job in a vacuum. 

As a home seller, I understand this is a very stressful time.  Your home space and schedule is very mixed up and unsettled.  For me to complete my job, I am going to give you a list of items to complete before I list your home.  These items are to help me get you the highest price.  When I suggest you paint the front door, you really need to do it and do a good job.  If I suggest you paint several rooms (I know your son is a Jet’s fan and really liked the green color on all the walls and ceiling) you really need to do it.  I am not trying to make your life difficult but I really do want to get you the best possible price.

Once your home is on the market, I still need your help.  The following is your job description during the time your home is on the market:

1.  Once a week, walk around your home.  Pull the weeds in your garden beds; remove things like a bee’s nest that is just forming.  Pick up around your lot and make sure the grass is cut and not overgrowing.

2. Before leaving your home each day, make sure there are no dishes in the sink or on the counters. Do not leave the mail lying around.

3. Pick up ALL clothes and put them away.

4. Three times a week let’s get the vacuum out and dust.

I have had buyer clients literally walk into the first two rooms of a home and say “OK, we have seen enough let’s leave”.  They wanted to leave simply because the home was such a mess – they really cannot see past it.  Conversely, I have heard other home sellers say, “Well, the buyers will just look past it or just have them make an offer”.  I can tell you from experience that this just typically won’t happen, or the cost of having your home not look its best will be painful in the price you receive. 

I had a client who was viewing a home and said “I think someone needs to introduce the owner to a vacuum”.  She could not see past this and did not make an offer on the home. 

We need to work together to get your home sold.  There is always going to be something that prospective buyers don’t like about your home.  It is inevitable.  What we need to do together is make it appeal to the largest number of potential buyers with the least amount criticism.

Remember if we both do our jobs, your home will sell for the top price in the shortest amount of time.  That’s the good news.

Happy home selling,

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