Make Your Home Fall Ready

Fall is a time of transition. As the summer heat and outdoor work begin to fade, your attention should turn inward before winter arrives in full force. Proper home maintenance in the fall can go a long way toward avoiding a mid-winter disaster or spring surprise. In this post, you can read about a few of the key areas to cover during your fall home tune-up!

Fresh Air is the Best Air

You might not think about it much, but the air quality in your sealed-up home can deteriorate fast during the colder months. One way to combat this is to be sure that none of your dark, damp spaces have gotten moldy over the summer. If anything looks suspicious, consult a professional to be sure that the mold is removed for good. Another simple but effective way to keep your air fresh is to wipe all the dust off of ceiling fans, vents, and any other surface that experiences air flow.

Your Furnace is Your Friend

Perhaps the most obvious of pre-winter tasks is servicing the furnace. Not only will a clean furnace save you money on heating bills, it will also further improve air quality and reduce the likelihood of a breakdown during the coldest part of the year. If there are any existing issues, be sure to resolve them before freezing temperatures arrive.

Never Ignore the Roof

Several months of hot, humid, and stormy weather may have left your roof at less than 100%. Fall is the perfect time to check for cracked shingles, worn caulking, moss, and leaky gutters. Any of these issues will only become harder to fix as time goes on, so be sure to give everything a thorough check before the roof becomes hidden by leaves and snow. If you don't feel confident in your roof-inspecting ability, have a professional take a look.

Painting Season will End Soon

This issue may not be as important as the others, but it still warrants consideration. If there is any interior painting that you've been meaning to do, now is the time. Ventilation will be much less convenient and more expensive in the winter, which means pushing any unfinished paint work to the spring.

For more information on the key areas of fall home maintenance, check out "Preparing Your Home for Autumn: Maintenance Tips for the End of Summer".

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