Simple Fixes for Squeaky Floors

Are squeaky floors in your home driving you nuts? Don't worry, you don't have to submit to eternal squeaking! This quick post will explain how you can eliminate these irritating noises with relative ease!

In general, squeaky floors tend to develop as homes age when wooden floor boards expand and rub against each other, the subfloor, or loosened nails. Although they can be annoying, squeaky floors are usually not indicative of underlying structural problems. Even so, no one wants to deal with the squeak if they don't have to! Fixing this issue will generally fall into one of two situations: either you have access underneath the floor or have to repair from above. 

If you can access the floor from below, such as through an unfinished basement ceiling or a crawl space, the easiest fix begins with recruiting a helper. Have one person walk on the offending floor until they've found the correct area, then have the other person below watch (and listen) to find where the noise-making movement is coming from. Then, simply apply carpenter's glue to a thin wood shim and tap it between the pieces of wood that are rubbing together, generally either the subfloor and the joist or two floor boards.

If you can only access the floor from above, try driving flooring nails in between boards that are rubbing together. On the other hand, if the squeak seems to come from the subfloor, try driving two nails through the floor and subfloor into the joist (use a stud finder to locate). Wood filler can be used to cover the nails afterward. For floors covered in carpet, drive a screw through the carpet and into the subfloor. The carpet should cover the hole after the screw head has been countersunk.

If you'd like to learn even more about repairing squeaky floors, check out the source article below!

How to Fix Squeaky Floors Before They Drive You Nuts

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