Suburban Realty Professionals

2nd Annual Jack and Jill Book Fair

Are you embarrassed by how long it has been since you actually read a book? The Mercer County Chapter of Jack and Jill of America hopes to change that with their second annual Barnes and Noble Book Fair! On February 19, officially put an end to your reading drought.

Search for Owls Feb. 10 & 11

Nature is always calling with the great events hosted by the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association in Pennington! Their latest endeavor is to bring people closer to one of our finest feathered friends: owls! Sign up for one of the two offerings held on February 10 and 11 to secure your chance for this fun and educational experience.

Enrich Your Artistic Side This January

Have you already abandoned your New Year's resolution? Consider this: a great goal doesn't have to be hard or specific. Why not simply resolve to improve yourself in some way this year? If you aren't sure how, then don't worry; we've got you covered. The Arts Council of Princeton has great opportunities coming up in January that will allow you to culturally enrich yourself though two different media: watercolor painting and drums!

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