The Buying Process

#2 How Much Home Can You Afford?

Now that you have figured out the type of home that best suits your needs, next you will need to determine what you can afford to buy. Knowing your price range allows you to avoid wasting time looking at homes that do not fit your criteria. If there are more homes available in your area than there are buyers, then you are in a buyers’ market. You may look at homes that are priced slightly higher than your upper limit because there is more room for negotiation with the seller.

#1 What's the Right Home For You?

The search for a new home will go more smoothly if you do some advance assessment and decision making. Examine your desires, needs, hopes and dreams. Think about what you want, what you need and what concessions you are willing to make. Determine what type of home will work for your lifestyle and what your parameters are. Define what features are nonnegotiable and what is open to compromise.

Creating a prioritized list will help guide your search and balance what is available on the market with what you want. A good place to begin is weighing how the following factors impact you and will influence your decision.

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