The Buying Process

#5 Making An Offer To Purchase

You have found the home that you can't live without and are ready to make an offer. Your real estate agent is ready to guide you through the next step of this somewhat complex process. You can count on your agent's expertise again—this time in the art of negotiation.

Your agent will direct you toward at a price that both you and the home's sellers can agree upon. A formal purchase contract, written by you and your agent and signed by you, will be submitted to the seller for review and consideration. During this step, compromise is vital; you want to arrive at a fair price where everybody is satisfied.

#4 Choosing Your Real Estate Agent

To start, you will want to find an experienced real estate professional that is able to smoothly guide you through the home-buying process.

Buying a home is a major life decision so choosing a knowledgeable agent with whom you can build trust, is a good listener and works in the area in which you would like to live is essential.

Choose a professional that understands your needs and concerns and will provide you with personalized service.

#3 What If You Already Have A Home?

Buying a new home while selling an existing home, presents additional challenges. Your real estate professional can assist you and ensure that the road is as smooth as possible. Being a buyer and a seller at the same time is a balancing act.

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